Sisimiut - 21, 22 and 23 September 2018


WARNING about Connect Publisher, Event Fair, Fair Guide, Expo-Guide etc.

Our and other trade fair organisers’ exhibitors are regularly bothered by companies/publishers with addresses, among others, in Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Mexico that offer you being added to and/or advertising in their “trade fair guides” on the Internet.

We distance ourselves from these companies/publishers, because in their material they give the impression that they have close collaboration with us (and other trade show organisers). This is not correct.

We have never entered into agreements with these companies/publishers and has never handed over exhibitors’ names, addresses, etc. to them. They may have taken the names from the lists of trade fair exhibitors that can be found on our website. However, these lists basically only contain the exhibiting company’s name and website - not addresses, contact persons, etc.

The enquiries from these companies/publishers have a very complex content, where prices for the services (registration) they offer are well hidden and highly opaque. Therefore, several of our exhibitors have just signed the contract sent without really knowing what they are required to pay. We have examples of where exhibitors are required to pay more than DKK 20,000 over three years for an insignificant and probably completely worthless registration.

On several occasions we have been contacted by exhibitors who have signed a contract and subsequently received an invoice. We have advised them to just throw the invoice and subsequent reminders away. We hear from the exhibitors involved that they receive a reminder about once a quarter, and this can go on for years. We have never heard that the publishers have contacted the exhibitor in person for collection of the unpaid invoice. Probably because the publishers are operating on the edge of good marketing practice.

This is underlined by, among other things, the Fair Guide/Construct Data Verlag AG having been convicted of fraud, which has had major consequences for the company. Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre is in possession of a copy of this particular court ruling, which we will gladly send upon request.

We distance ourselves from the companies/publishers described and their methods, and have on several occasions contacted them – including notifying them that we have contacted the police and reported their behaviour, but they continue their business unchallenged. So be careful!

Yours sincerely,
Aalborg Congress & Culture Centre

Nicolaj Holm